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Welcome to Sutherlin Fire Services

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Sutherlin Fire Dept     

Welcome to Sutherlin Fire Department!

For emergencies please call 911
For all other business 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday call 541-459-1394
Located at 250 S. State Street

*Service, Professionalism, & Dedication* & “Serving our Community with Pride”           
Fire Chief, Mike Lane


For more information Regarding Public Use Restrictions Click Here
 Sutherlin Municipal Code Regarding Burning Ordinances Click Here

Fire Fighter Thank You

Thank you to the Sutherlin Fire Volunteer personnel, the dedication and hard work that all of you put into the Sutherlin Fire Department is above and beyond.


 Deputy Chief, Avery Hazzard   Deputy Chief, Dan McCormick           
hazzard lt jan 2016      dan mccormick

Chaplain Richard Carter                       Medical Director Michael Hull, M.D.      Lt.'s Marquis, Mills &   Chief Sanfilippo
chaplain richard carter  medical director Daniel J. Hull, M.D.           LTS chief swearing in.2 jpg
                                                                                                                                                          PW POLICE Swearing Inn
               Cross Training Crew
  Swearing in newest class                                  Cross training crew - Gary Fugate, Alan Taylor, Kitty Allen
                                                                            Scott Guillen, Shawn McHaffie, Troy Mills, & Justin Marquis

volunteer gift to community                  

              Welcome to our newest Volunteer Firefighters

Alden Stanley                                                          Austin Nale                                      Kaitlyn Smith   
alden standley           Austin Nale               Vol FF Kaitlyn Smith
 Wayne & Michelle Ellsworth
ellsworth wayne michelle



suth fire 4fire staff & crew for 9.11 ceremony

fire tourSutherlin Fire Department 5
suth fire 3

grant st fire 4.17  


fire dept trainingfire easter 2017


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