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The next General Election will be held Tuesday, November 6, 2018.
Positions that will be open at that time is Mayor - a 2-year term and three Council Seats - each 4-year terms all starting at the first meeting of January 2019. If you have any questions please contact the Senior City Recorder/Elections Officer, Debbie Hamilton, CMC,  at 541-459-2856 or email at

Positions up for the term ending on December 31, 2018, are as follows:
Mayor, Todd Mc Knight
Councilor Wayne Luzier
Councilor Tom Boggs
Councilor Michelle Sumner
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Todd Mc Knight
Tom Boggs, Michelle Sumner, and Becky Wattles


IMG_0382Mayor:  Todd Mc Knight - 
Previous Political/Municipal Experience:
Finishing my 2nd Term as Mayor for the City of Sutherlin, previously served as a City of Sutherlin Councilor, Served on City of Sutherlin Planning Commission, Sutherlin Transportation Committee, City of Sutherlin Budget Committee,  Sutherlin Water Control Board, Sutherlin Tourism/Room Tax Committee. 

Community Involvement/Volunteer Work:  "When I was first elected Mayor I said I would try to help all the different Community groups/clubs. I wanted to show all the groups support for all the great things they are doing." 

Reason for Running; What are your priorities/issues and concerns:  "I'm running for the same reason as I did when I first took office. Being born and raised here and I want to continue to make Sutherlin a great place to live and raise your kids. I'm committed to making Sutherlin a place we are all proud to call home. 
BOGGS TOMCouncilor: Tom Boggs -
Previous Political/Municipal Experience:
  Have served 8 years on City Council. Former Police Chief. Former Lions Club member.

Community Involvement/Volunteer Work: Rotary Club, past president twice. Driver for the Veteran's Affairs 2-3 days per week taking local Vets to appointments in Eugene and Portland.

Reason for Running: What are your priorities/issues and concerns: "I want to see projects we've started continue and see them finished."

council page IMG_0740Councilor: Michelle Sumner - 
Previous Political/Municipal Experience:
With a bachelor's degree in Business Management and 26 years experience in public safety and human services, I feel I am uniquely qualified to offer the Citizens of Sutherlin and the City of Sutherlin skilled and thoughtful leadership. With honesty, integrity, and fairness, I promise to serve the citizens and the City to the best of my ability.  
I was vice president and president of the California Chapter of the National Emergency Number Assn while employ for the City of Napa Police Department and served as a team member for the City of Napa FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) trained Emergency Operations Center.
I have been a Planning Commissioner with the City of Sutherlin for the past 7 years and have served on the City of Sutherlin Budget Committee for the past 5 years. I currently serve as a City Councilor for the City of Sutherlin for the last 3 months.

Community Involvement/Volunteer Work: During the last 8 years, I participated in two focus groups for the City of Sutherlin; the City's Vision Statement Group and the Fire Department Working Group options discussion where full time vs. volunteer pros and cons were debated.
I also volunteer during local foster children events for Douglas County, as well as volunteer my IT expertise a few hours a week to those in need of a little extra help with their tablets and phones. 

Reason for Running; What are your priorities/issues and concerns: My major interests are:

  • To ensure all citizens are represented fairly, and our community members have a reasonable opportunity for   input
  • To ensure all citizens have the best basic services we can offer. This includes police, fire, wastewater, drinking water, safe streets, and sufficient staff to support these services.
  •  To see Central Avenue thrive! 
I feel I am a strong  candidate for the position. I am a well-rounded, fair-minded individual who has served the public my entire career. I will work for the citizens of Sutherlin; I want to make Sutherlin the best it can be.

Councilor:  Becky Wattles
Previous Political/Municipal Experience: 
Have served on the City of Sutherlin Budget Committee.

Community Involvement/Volunteer Work:
Have volunteered for the West School PTO, Sutherlin High School Booster Club, Girl Scouts, and the Bond Committee for East School. I am a member of the Rotary Club and currently the Treasurer.

Reason for Running; What are your priorities/issues and concerns: I have been a resident of Sutherlin for 24 years. Now that my kids are grown, I have more time to get involved with and for my community and fee that the City Council is a great way to do that. I want to see Sutherlin continue to grow and improve the city to attract businesses to the area which will result in more jobs. 

Information on becoming a candidate:

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