Next City Council Meeting - April 23rd at 7PM   City Hall Phone # 541-459-2856

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Central Avenue Improvement Project Updates

proceed with cautionOnce new decorative light poles go in they will go from Umpqua west to front with the flow of traffic. When that side is done they'll go from Front to Umpqua with the flow of traffic again.
Parking available behind Fusion, down to The Body Shop on busy construction days.  We appreciate your patience during this construction process. Please use extra caution in those areas. We know it's an annoying mess but it will start getting better each day. Thank you!

If you have questions please give Debbie Hamilton, Community Relations Director a call at 541-459-2856.

April 10, 2018
April 3, 2018

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Trees that may be going in
Frans Fontaine:
Frans Fontain
Decorative Street lights that will be going in: