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Welcome to the Sutherlin Police Department!

For emergencies please call 911
For non-emergencies calls for service dial Douglas County Communications at 541-440-4471
For all other business 8am-5pm, Monday - Friday call 541-459-2211

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Sutherlin Public Safety Services in the 21st Century

Police & Fire Departments
*Service, Professionalism, & Dedication*
“Serving our Community with Pride”

Public Safety Director and Chief of Police & Fire, Kirk M. Sanfilippo

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A Message from Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police & Fire, Kirk M. Sanfilippo
There will be some exciting changes effective January 1, 2017, to the Police and Fire Services in the City of Sutherlin. The following is a brief update on the City of Sutherlin Department of Public Safety (Police & Fire) in the 21st Century.

As many community members may be aware, on July 1, 2015, the City of Sutherlin began providing Fire Service to the community by once again having our own City of Sutherlin Fire Department.  In looking at the administrative and operational structure of the Police and Fire Department since this date, and planning for efficiency in the future, the City has established a Department of Public Safety.  This allows for one centralized administrator to oversee both Police and Fire professions, and avoid redundancy in expenses and services. This model is not new and can be found elsewhere in Oregon (e.g., Grants Pass Department of Public Safety) and in other states.

The changes will begin first at the Sutherlin Fire Department.  Initially the Fire Department had one Fire Chief, one Assistant Fire Chief, and one Fire Captain.  As of January 1, 2017, there will be three Deputy Fire Chiefs assigned to three distinctive areas of responsibilities at the Sutherlin Fire Department. These areas are Administration, Training, & Equipment and Infrastructure.  All three will share equally the Fire Operations component of the Department and rotate the “On Call” status weekly, thereby all realizing experience and development as the “Officer in Charge.” At first, once every six months their area of responsibility will rotate, thus creating a more well-rounded Deputy Fire Chief with redundancy and professional growth in mind. This will also allow for no single point of failure in our Fire Service mission.

In the coming months a re-organization of the Police Department will also occur, and these changes will be announced in advance. 

Our Police and Fire Departments are proud to provide premier public safety services to the Sutherlin community, and policing services to our contract city of Oakland. I ( would enjoy hearing from community members if anyone wishes to provide the departments with feedback. The Sutherlin Fire Department direct business phone number is (541) 459-1394, and the Sutherlin Police Department direct phone number is (541) 459-2211.

Without the support of the Sutherlin City Council and the City Manager, we could not have realized and enjoyed the level of success that exists today.  We will continue to focus on building community support, trust and goodwill as we move forward with our public safety mission. We believe in service, professionalism, dedication and will continue serving our community with pride in the months ahead.

To receive emergency Police, Fire or Medical Aid services please dial 911.  For non-emergency services please dial (541) 440-4471.

We thank you and please contact us if we can be of service. 

Kirk M. Sanfilippo
Director of Public Safety                                                       

ALLIMAN N CHIEF DEC 9.2016 Sutherlin Police Department's newest Officer Ashley Alliman graduates
from Department of Public Safety and Standards Training in Salem on December 9th, 2016.

Congratulations Officer Alliman! Chief Kirk Sanfilippo presented Alliman with her diploma.


FOR OTHER POLICE BUSINESS CALL PLEASE 541-459-2211 BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 8AM - 5PM - MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. The Sutherlin Police Department non-emergency line rolls over to Douglas County Communications after hours and on weekends.  The non-emergency direct line to Douglas County Communications/ 911 Center is 541-440-4471. 

We can assist you with the following:

  • Trash and litter complaints
  • Traffic concerns
  • Towing vehicles
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic violence concerns
  • Drug use or drug house
  • Destruction of property or graffiti in city parks, schools, churches, and businesses
  • Speeding
  • Dog licensing
  • Bike license
  • Police Reserve program 
  • Unclaimed found personal property
  • Dead animal on roadway within city limits
  • Weed abatement
  • Request for Vacation/Security Check

 animal control
Douglas County Animal Control at (541) 440-4327 for:   


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