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City Council Meeting - December 11th at 7pm  City Hall 541-459-2856

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Update 11/8/17 The Central Avenue Improvement Project continues. The utility work on West Central the past several weeks is all part of the Central Avenue Project. They're now working down by Opal on the east end of town. We thank you for your patience during that time, please use caution in those areas.  See flyer...

Sutherlin Residents - There is NO leaf collection program by the City
PLEASE do NOT put leaves into the street. The street sweeper is not designed to pick up piles of leaves and it will only smear them around. Please remove them if you are guilty of this. Check with Sutherlin Sanitary to see if they might have a program in place. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
The Planning Commission currently has two vacancies on their team. Meetings are normally the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  For an application to apply click here! Read More...
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